One of the real advantages of this job is that I get to travel and see new places. Ever since I was little have I been fascinated by airplanes and now, 20 years on, I have been given the opportunity to do what I've always wanted to do. I work as an On Board Courier (OBC) for Express Delivery UK and this is a normal working day for me.

02:00 AM CEST– Gothenburg

The phone rings. One of our logistics agents is asking whether I can take on an extremely time sensitive job from Gothenburg to Washington, USA. Of course I can, no problem. I have to be at the airport as early as 04:00 am, I have been in the job for a while so my backpack is always packed, it doesn’t take long for me to get going.

03:37 AM CEST – Gothenburg

I arrive at Landvetter and send an update to the team that I have arrived. Unfortunately, the package that I was going to carry is delayed and it is doubtful whether I will make my flight scheduled to leave at 06:30 am.

5:45 AM CEST – Gothenburg

The driver arrives at Landvetter at 05:45 am. I quickly complete all the documentation and pick up the briefcase that I have to bring with me to the other side of the Atlantic via Kastrup, Copenhagen.

6:00 AM CEST – Gothenburg

I have already checked in online and travel light. I can take both the briefcase and my backpack as hand luggage without any problems. Thanks to EDS, I can go to the front of any line, which is crucial to my work. I update the OBC team again and pass through security.

6:10 AM CEST – Gothenburg

Due to the delayed driver, it became a bit stressful but there is no real damage. I have time to buy coffee and sit for a while by my gate. Again, I send a message to the team to tell them that all is going to plan.

07:15 AM CEST – Copenhagen

I arrive at Kastrup and Copenhagen 07:15 and have a short transfer to my next flight, also with SAS to Washington. I have lost time of how many times I have been here and know exactly where my next gate is. Since boarding of the next flight doesn’t start for another 50 minutes, I head for the SAS lounge to have breakfast and read the paper before we board.

8:00 AM CEST – Copenhagen

I arrive at my gate with time to spare. When it’s time to board, I tell the staff that I have been upgraded to business class. It is not unusual that couriers like me are upgraded if there is room. I update the team once again that I am boarding and that all is well and I enjoy the next 8,5 hours.

10:15 AM EDT – Washington

We arrive in Washington on time. I update the team that I have arrived. Since I am a Global Entry member, I can use the automatic check-in machines and it only takes 5 minutes to enter the USA.

11:10 AM EDT – Washington

I have to declare my cargo to bring it into the USA. I head for customs with a number that I got from my team when I was still in the air. I give the number as well as my customs bill to the customs officers. 5 minutes later, it’s all done and I have been cleared.

11:25 AM EDT – Washington

I call the driver who is going to pick up the briefcase at a hotel in central Washington. I take a taxi and go from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport towards the capital city.

12:15 PM EDT – Washington

The driver meets me as agreed at the hotel and we complete the required documentation. I also ask to see the driver’s ID card to make sure that the delivery is handed over to the right person. When everything is done, I inform the team that the job is completed.

1:15 PM EDT – Washington

My flight back to Sweden is not for another couple of days. I use the time to tour the sights of Washington DC.

I love this job.

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